September 02, 2013

when the Spirit falls and the Kingdom comes...(part 2)

My message in the 2nd lecture was essentially the same except I emphasized the nature of Trinitarian love and becoming love ourselves. I gave the same challenge - if we don't see miracles, don't believe my message. At the end of the lecture, with another lecture coming in we had to move out into the hallway and as I was walking out I got a word of knowledge for a knee condition. The first person in front of me was one of the women soccer players from the school who'd hurt her knee the week before in a game. I had her teammate lay hands on her (we didn't lay hands on almost anybody; the students lay hands on each other) and prayed a quick prayer breaking off the shock and trauma and releasing the Kingdom as I commanded all pain to go. She took her hand away and the girl was completely healed! All pain left and she was basically in shock and began to cry. Next the girl who had laid her hand on the healed girl, had an ankle problem. The healed girl lay her hands on her friend and she was healed! Next another soccer player with a torn thigh muscle was healed. It was becoming something of an epidemic of hearings - can I say that?

I got a distinct word of knowledge about pain in a particular location in the head (back left top). I inquired who that would be and a girl said that it her. She'd been thrown from a horse 10 years earlier and had suffered from chronic headaches ever since. She also had suffered from a neck injury that limited the mobility of her neck and she even said there was slight brain damage. Another student laid hands on her we prayed breaking off the shock and trauma and releasing the Kingdom and all the pain left her head and she could move her neck with no restrictions! She began to cry.

Next an Indian background girl (I had asked where she was from in case you were wondering) came for prayer. She had been having back problems for the past month, was seeing a chiropractor and was in constant pain. I had a word of wisdom that the cause of the back problem was performance-related coming from her parents. She affirmed that her parents had been that way with her and as she released her parents (I led her in the short prayer) we saw ALL pain leave her back and she was completely healed. She began to cry.

It was amazing that most of the people healed cried. That doesn't always happen, but it was clear that people were not only being physically healed, but also having deep encounters with God's love (which was such an emphasis in my message before this all started).

There were others that were healed too during this time but then the absolute biggest breakthrough was about to happen which I'll relate in Part 3

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