September 02, 2013

when the Spirit falls and the Kingdom comes...(part 1)

What happened this past Friday was unlike anything I've ever seen in the years I've been praying for the sick. It is one of those things where I believe many had been interceding (something I've subsequently learned was going on) and we walked into a place where it was extremely easy to see heaven invade earth.

I was invited to be a guest lecturer by a good friend of ours who is a professor at a Christian University. I took two lectures last Friday morning and I will try to "capture", abeit inadequately, what we saw the Lord do in the wake of the two classes. In the first lecture, I spoke about miracles being "normal" and that it was actually abnormal to be a follower of Jesus and not see miracles. I asked the question, "How long could you have followed Jesus around until you saw a miracle"? The follow up question was the one with punch: "How long can people follow YOU around until they see one"? I told them we would see miracles at the end of the lecture and if they didn't then they were free NOT to believe what I said. Jesus gave people that freedom - "If I don't do the works of my Father, then don't believe what I say" (John 10:37). At the very end of the first lecture, I called out 3 words of knowledge - left shoulder, right neck and also dizziness. As I walked to the back of the class, a baseball pitcher was there. He was the left shoulder. I had his teammate lay hands on him and I prayed a 10-15 second prayer breaking off the shock and trauma and releasing the Kingdom. He was completely healed and he was shocked. He didn't know what to do with what had just happened. No pain, full range of movement. My friend had been praying for the girl who came for the neck condition and she was healed. Finally the girl with the dizziness came and I normally find that this is demonic in origin and so I prayed more of a deliverance prayer and she said she felt something "go" and began to cry as she knew the Lord had set her free.

Note: Everyone was healed after praying just one time! I only say this because our experience has mostly been that not everyone gets healed and often it takes two our three prayers until full healing comes.

the next post will be about what happened in the wake of the 2nd lecture

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