September 07, 2013

another restaurant healing & muslim healed in electronic shop

I don't know what it is about restaurants, but they seem to be one of the best places to see the Kingdom come.

We were out with our good friends to lunch today and I had inquired about a wrist problem which none of the servers seemed to have but they asked me why I had inquired.  I told them I was a healer and they asked how I healed.  I said, "If somebody has pain, I'll show you".  One of them had back pain.  I had him lay his hands on himself and I released the Kingdom in Jesus' Name – he was instantly healed!  The other 5 or so watching were intrigued.  Two of the women asked if I could heal their hearts and so I had my wife come up and take over that discussion.  Numbers were exchanged and calls will be coming.  "What Church do you go to?" one man asked as I was walking out.  I told him and he'd heard of it!

Next in the electronics shop I got a word of knowledge for a back problem for the muslim employee who was helping us.  He had the problem.  I had him lay hands on his back, prayed the Lord's prayer over him in Arabic.  And the Lord began to touch him.  Then I asked this Egyptian muslim if he knew any Coptic Christians – he pointed to his right and standing 10 feet from him was a Coptic Egyptian friend of his!  I couldn’t believe how easy the follow-up was going to be.  I told the muslim man that I learned a lot about healing from my Coptic friends and that the prayer I prayed was also their prayer.  The muslim man was very appreciative.  I then stopped by to see the Coptic Christian and told him to ask his muslim colleague what the Lord did for his back.

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