November 16, 2010

more healings at dinner - in a hindu stronghold

we traveled to another city and tonight at dinner, the Lord began speaking again and touching employees in the restaurant. one man's neck was healed. another word of knowledge came for a skin condition - one man had that problem. after prayer, he said he felt power in his legs! Desert Princess prayed for one of the women - who had pain with her teeth (which was also revealed by a word of knowledge).

finally, the Lord gave a clear word for a man with some kind of STD - I asked one of the men discreetly and he said that 2 of the men working there had this problem (how he knew, I didn't ask). they were out on a delivery, so I said I would go back and pray for them later.

breakfast was great - and so was dinner! this city is a hindu stronghold - Jesus is already showing Himself strong!

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