November 18, 2010

ever-increasing faith

just a reflection on our trip to this predominately muslim country (Indonesia) but staying on a majority hindu island (Bali). I don't think we've ever seen people being healed more easily than we have seen in the past 4-5 days. A number of demonic deliverances as well. Mostly hindus, a number of muslims and a handful of Christians have been healed of many different conditions. there is a desperation here that is amazing when we compare it to the wealthier Middle East where we reside. the opportunities to clearly present the Gospel of Christ have been amazing. No arguments - why? Because Jesus is demonstrating His authority, His Lordship and supremacy over and above their idolatry and false religiosity.

what is this trip doing to us personally? our faith for healing and miracles just continues to grow. we contend that this Kingdom lifestyle is normal. most Christians still live in a state of chronic unbelief - many who will read the testimonies on this blog will question what is being recorded. let us call a spade a spade - we struggle with unbelief. I struggle with unbelief. The last 4-5 days have been a full-on assault on my unbelief - God is attacking my chronic unbelief AND HE IS WINNING!

Lord, attack our unbelief and replace it with faith!

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