November 14, 2010

those healed yesterday, brought their relatives today - part 1

this evening we met with two of the people who were healed yesterday. the hindu woman who was healed yesterday brought her cousin who had many health issues. a chest condition and neck pain left. a leg problem was improved. at this point, we began to minister to a back condition and it turned out to be a demonic affliction (the pain kept moving around). We prayed for her deliverance for quite some time, but didn't seem to be able to get her completely free. The pain decreased a considerable amount, but sadly we left her with some unfinished Kingdom business.

btw - the woman healed yesterday's elbow was also healed and a her ankles!

without a doubt, the most powerful thing was being able to explain to these hindus, who make daily sacrifices to their gods, that a single sacrifice had been offered by God Himself which ended the need for any further sacrifices. it was difficult for them to consider this idea, but I assured them that Jesus Himself is more than able to prove to them that He is that sacrifice. It was just a precious opportunity to share the Gospel in the wake of several undeniable healing miracles.

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