November 18, 2010

when your god doesn't work

after praying for the women in the massage place, I went into another shop - statues of a hindu deity named ganesha, who looks like an elephant, were everywhere - it was clear who this man worshipped!

a strong word of knowledge came for the right elbow. he let me pray for him and as I did he started shouting, "it's hot, it's hot"! I told him that this was the power of Jesus who was touching him. He had been telling me about why he worshipped ganesha, but now it was Jesus who was at work in his shop. He asked for prayer for his head, then his feet. The same thing - power was released. This was a very happy man. I explained that Jesus was going to come and visit him in a dream or a vision.

while I was leaving all we were talking about was Jesus - I guess that makes sense when your god doesn't work!

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