February 10, 2010

"activating" people's baptisms!!

Many (if not most) people had very little happen when they were baptized - however, when we look at Jesus' Baptism, something very significant happened. yes, the Holy Spirit came upon Him and He was empowered! Whether someone was baptized as a teenager at a Baptist Summer Camp, or as an infant in a traditional Church, very few that I know would say that they expected very much at their baptisms.

Over the past few days, I have been laying hands on many who were baptized as infants and/or children who wanted to have the same encounter that Jesus had at His Baptism - a coming upon them of the Holy Spirit. All I can say is that each and everytime we have prayed for people, the Lord has come in power. Prophetic words have been given. However, most importantly, the people have testified that they had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit (many for the very first time).

If your baptism was less than what you read of Jesus', maybe it's time for you to get a fresh, new reactivation! I like that word. I don't re-baptize anybody - I just ask God to activate it!

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