February 10, 2010

prayer in the mountains - man's leg healed

the first day I was skiing I didn't talk to anyone, didn't pray for anyone - just too focused on the incredible snow conditions. On day 2, I decided to be a bit less selfish and offer to pray for some people in the ski lodge (where else?).

I got pray for two people - a man who'd burned his hand the day before. He was wearing a bandage and it was painful. I prayed and he said he felt something happening. Today when I saw him (2 days later) - no bandage, no pain.

Another man had been in a car accident and had pain in his leg - I prayed and then saw him two days later. He told me that since the prayer two days ago there had been no pain at all in his leg (which was a chronic condition) - Jesus is so good!!!!

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