January 21, 2010

a night out to spill God's love

My wife Prase had this to say of her time in the fill and spill out reach


 I (praise) had 2 friends with me who were out seeing Gods power move in public places for the first time  We started by getting into this shop for ladies accessories  where we could just spread the love of God to this Pilipino girl when we asked she did not say that she had a problem but when asked her if we could prayer she was open after prayers we were led to give her details of a network of Pilipino Christians she was glad to have met us… she then led us to pray for the Indian lady at the counter whom when we approached said she had not issues but than again we just prayed for her and said that God loves her and released His kingdom into her life. From there we headed to well known department store where we started window shopping (we are ladies rember) and while i approached this Guy (named kapil) with a word of knowledge that he had back problem he did admitted it but resisted prayer as he was on duty but i said we will stand and prayer for 30 seconds he agreed we prayed …he felt the Lords touch and was healed… we walked a few feet and venkat (hindu) asked him if he had any issue…. i sensed a word of knowledge for a   stomach pain  said yes and was in tears as we prayed. From there went we entered  the next shop as prompted by one of ladies with me and saw this egyptian (named tamer… muslim) just pass him & felt he had a back problem & said we could prayer and u will get well he said what kinda prayer we said we prayer and you will get healed said ok and felt better the first time and than said still slight pain in the back and one the ladies sensed arm pain & we prayed in Jesus name and he was healed completely and he was amazed we all glorified God to gather that was the end of that amazing night from our end.

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