January 21, 2010

God’s love to those who least expect it



Went to the barber for a hair cut this morning and while there I noticed a barber from a another shop there he seemed to have a backache I ask him what was happening to which he said that he was suffering from this pain for the last 4 months I asked this man ( a hindu named bopal)  if I could pray for him…he said yes….God healed him…I said the healing was because that Jesus loves him…I could see that he was overwhelmed his friends wanted to know what was happening to him he told them that he need some quite time ….i intend to follow up with him in a couple of days


Later on in the afternoon I see this lorry driver with a flat tire I sensed the Lord asking me to go near him i had not received a word of knowledge again… … I asked him if I could help him he looked at me (from head to toe) laughed and said "no"… I saw him pressing his right chest I asked him if I could pray (all this was happening in sign language as he knew only Arabic and I don't)…any way ali (got his name later on) let me pray…. God touched him…he now had a smile on his face while he kept pressing his chest and giving me the thumbs up…I pointed at his chest and pointed at heaven and said JESUS…he nodded in agreement.


  There are many times I feel i sense a word from God but when I do go up to the person around me asking if they have a problem in a particular place in their bodies (that I could pray for them) to which they say they don't have any pain they would give me wired looks but that doesn't stop me from seeking God to use me I aren't counting 'hits or misses' ….




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