January 21, 2010

God spilling on the streets

A group of us headed out "to spill" the other night and as is ALWAYS the case, He ended up doing miraculous things. I still haven't heard all the 'stories', but a couple of us headed to our local airport to see what the Lord would say and do.

As I was standing outside of a sunglass shop, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a stomach issue in a particular area. I entered the shop and asked the Egyptian muslim employee if he had this particular problem. He did. He wanted to know how I knew. I told him. Then he let us pray for him. Since it wasn't hurting at that particular time, I gave him my number and told him to call me and let me know what the Lord had done for him.

Next we headed over to another shop and I asked the guy who was with me to wait on the Lord and see if the Holy Spirit gave him anything. While he was doing that, the Lord directed my attention to a candy shop and gave me a word for the Filipino woman. It was an inner healing/emotional healing word. It was accurate and she let me pray for her. She was a believer and we had the chance to connect her with a network of Filipino Christians.

My friend felt he had a word for a couple of men in another shop. We went in and inquired about the word that my friend felt the Lord gave him. It didn't end up being for the men in that shop, but that didn't matter. The Lord opened a door for us to begin to minister to these 3 Indian muslim men. The first man we got to pray for his shoulder and his side. He was freaking out a little bit because He could feel the Lord touching him - it felt really 'cold' to him.

Then we went to minister to the other two men, who weren't as receptive as the first. I had been given a word about a left foot problem. I asked about it and the one man pointed to his friend and said, "he has that problem". I knew that the Lord wanted to get his attention, but this man was RESISTANT. Ironically, his name was "Habib Alla" (which means "Beloved of God"). I told him that indeed God loved him and wanted to touch him. Ultimately all I could really do was grab his hand and pray quickly for God to release His Kingdom into his foot.

I think that the words of revelation that the Lord gave us, really 'captured' the attention of these men (and the first Egyptian muslim man too). The results are up to the Lord, but we fully expect to be getting phone calls from these men with testimonies of what God has done.

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