March 14, 2010

Sub - Standing in the Holy Sprit as one with His prophets

My wife Praise has this to say of one of her experiences with the presence of the Holy Spirit in Lebanon …A couple of days ago with my husband we were having a amazing time of praise and worship in a place passionately known as the T.O.P by Believers…I sensed the Holy Spirit speak to me very strongly about the prophesy and prophetic it is some thing which has always filled me with a sense of wonder and joy….. just before the end of the service the pastor calls us forward along with the team from the Bethal Church (God bless Bill Johnson and his family) I was informed that I was to speak (along with the Bethal team) prophetic words over the church body… I was scared as I had never done it before a Church body and was planning to back out (I dint want to speak words in the flesh and pretend that they prophetic)… it is when Desert Princess encouraged me saying "you can do it… just speak what you hear the Holy Spirit say" and when it was my turn to speak ….i did speak….. I prayed all along that the Lord would confirm what I spoke was from Him or not…. I rejoiced when people came over to me and testified that what I spoke of them was true (as in their heart desire's) we stood and rejoiced together.

Then on Thursday, we were invited to a house church consisting of Lebanese and Armenian believers…. the Bethal team called us to speak prophetically on to people in the house and yet again did I speak what I sensed the Holy Spirit speak to me this time I just let my self loose speaking what I heard spiritually…. there were times I dint notice the person I was speaking to …..and I yet rejoiced with people when they came forward to testify of me speaking words (as in reconfirmation of words spoken by God's Prophets into their lives before), revelations of prays and desires being reveled and encouraging of those already laboring in the Lords vineyard….this was special cause I have always been in awe of God's Prophets and always desired to stand as one amongst them…..and as I rejoiced seeing people desires being met I was in overwhelmed in gratitude to see Him give me mine

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