March 18, 2010

praying for muslims, hindus, Christians and whoever

the other night we headed out to destroy some more of the devil's works. This time my son JD was with me and one of his buddies. We joined up with our favorite Indian revivalists - S&S.

A few highlights:
- a word of knowledge for a back problem as we walked by a juice shop. It was for a Filipino man inside. He was healed. Prayed for another employee who had allergy issues - she felt God's power in her hands while we prayed.

-prayed for a Gulf Arab muslim with a serious skin condition - no noticeable change at the time, but he felt stuff happening in his hands. He said he'd call me to tell me what the difference was in a day or two.

-got a word of knowledge for an Indian hindu man - a couple of us prayed. S&S got involved - he was healed. S then led him to Jesus!!

-later we prayed for a hindu man from Nepal. He didn't need anything in particular, but wanted to feel God's presence. I prayed and NOTHING happened. Then a Nepali Christian co-worker of his (a former hindu), shows up. When he prayed, the man began to feel God's presence. God knows who is needed and when! How strategic that God waits for his fellow countryman (with a similar background) to show up to release His Kingdom's power. Also the Christian Nepali man needed a Bible - we connected him with a local Nepali pastor.

It wasn't the craziest night we've ever had - but it is always really amazing who God opens the doors for us to minister to - Christians, muslim and hindus. If only we had met a buddhist! Of course the fact that S&S led two hindu men to pray to receive Christ is amazing! So thankful for their bold and fearless witness!

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