August 10, 2010

when the Spirit comes in power!

last night was a night of encountering God. there was lots of angelic activity that the Lord actually made us aware of through the gifts of several 'seers'. people were healed who testified that pain left their bodies and movement/flexibility was restored. accurate prophetic revelation along with many words of knowledge were released. there were even tangible 'signs' of God's glory being manifested (gold and oil).

one of the highlights was the time of impartation - we set up 3 "pools" - one for those wanting to receive visions, one for those wanting to move more in the prophetic and one for words of knowledge - amazing to see all that God released and the many people (at least in the pool I was in) who received new gifts of the Holy Spirit.

we absolutely love meetings like that! Encountering God in tangible ways should be our normal expectation for each and every Church meeting. May we see more "normal" meetings!

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