August 03, 2010

treasure hunting highlights

who doesn't like treasure hunting? in these days, God is releasing different models and concepts about how we can touch a lost world. more and more Christians are getting on-board and simply having their minds blown by what God is doing through them.

we headed out the other day with about 50 different clues (names, places, conditions, etc). i had my 12 year-old daughter and her friend in my group. Talk about an easy way to approach people! Hint, hint - take your pre-teen daughter on outreach and no one will reject you!

one of our clues was a location - a clothing store. another clue was a word of knowledge that my son (who was in a different group) had gotten for a neck problem. we had so many words of knowledge, I had said to all the groups, "let the Lord bring the words of knowledge back to you when you are in the presence of the people who need the miracle". That is exactly what happened as we walked into the clothing store - a word of knowledge comes into my neck as I walk by this woman and her children. She did have a neck problem. I had my daughter pray for her and she was healed! This woman was pretty excited - first, to be on our Treasure Map (we showed her the list) and secondly to be the recipient of a healing miracle.

after that a homeless man asked for some help, and I didn't have any money. So, I offered him what I did have. A word of knowledge came almost immediately for an ankle injury. I felt like the Lord also told me it was from a skateboard accident (but not sure about that as he was dressed like a skater too!). he let me pray.

our final clue that we followed up was the name "Charlie". There was a furniture shop names "Charles" - we thought, "close enough". we head to the store, and guess what? Nothing. No one needed a miracle - we checked with at least 3 employees. But, as we walked out of the store, I see a teenage couple walking on the sidewalk across the street. We cross over to "catch" them. One of our clues was "irritation in the eyes". He had that. I had his girlfriend pray (as I supplied the words). The Holy Spirit began to come and he felt heat. Then the girlfriend needed prayer. I had my daughter and her friend pray for her - she started to feel "cold" as the Holy Spirit began to touch her. Then the Lord gave me this prophetic word - "I feel like their are 2 people in your life who are following Jesus and you need to go to them today and tell them what has just happened". She said, "yes, it is my mother and my step father"! Then the Lord gave me a bit more of an impression about some of the conflict in their relationship and she received prayer for that as well. We were just able to invite this young couple to join in with this "Joel 2 Generation" and join the fun of seeing the miracles happen! This was a major divine appointment.

The other Treasure Hunters also had amazing times - seeing healings and even one person giving their life to Christ. Not only that but two of them just kept their "Treasure Map" and continued to find the clues that night at a conference we were attending and even the following day. No clues were wasted! One family had like 6 of the names (out of a total of 10). Crazy stuff!

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