August 03, 2010

Healing in the Swatch store

To get a new watchband Desert Princess' watch, required a 1/2 hr drive to the nearest Swatch shop (and they didn't even have the right replacement band!). But the Lord, has ways of encouraging the frustrated right?

In comes a word of knowledge - left bicep. 2 shop employees. Ends up being for the young one. I have her lay hands on herself, I release the Kingdom and all the pain leaves. Invited her to our Church - she had been promising herself that she would go back to Church (prodigal daughter?) the other employee was a Persian Muslim whose husband needed a miracle. I had my newly healed going back to Church friend (I'm declaring it!), lay her hands on the Muslim woman's hands so we could release a gift of healing for her to carry (externally for all you who are concerned about the doctrine of what I am describing!). Guess what, the young woman feels the gift being released.

Guess who isn't frustrated any more. Yours truly.

Loving the Kingdom coming, again and again.

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