August 03, 2010

when the Spirit comes

last night after a prolonged time of worship (which was somehow difficult), a sense of breakthrough began to come. Prophetic revelation started to come. There were about 80 people in the meeting. I took note of a bunch of words of knowledge. We began to release healing - a man's back was healed and I was praying for his neck too. I was reminded of the woman's neck that was healed and felt like I was supposed to share that testimony. More of an impression came - the Lord wanted to heal necks. More came - He wanted to heal 5 necks. So I called that out and we prayed. One was healed. We went back to prayer again. Three more healed. One more time - and finally the 5th was healed. This led to even more. Later that night as I was sharing the testimony, my sister-in-law who had a neck problem, testified to a measure of healing by just hearing this testimony.

so much other stuff happened in this meeting - much that I didn't see or hear. I do know that other words of knowledge found their targets - the pastor's son's back was healed (like 90% better), a woman with headaches in her temple area - she also went into a vision (this happens when the Spirit comes!). Other more specific words came - as one man's wife was testifying a very strong word came for his left forearm. He had a problem there and we prayed. Then he had a shoulder issue and another very specific word came (the very exact spot). The Lord never ceases to blow our minds when He speaks!

it was such an instructive night for me. I really felt flat the whole time we were worshipping. It was after a weekend conference and a couple of outreaches. I think many were tired and weary. However, there was persistence and like Amos instructs, we sought the Lord UNTIL HE CAME! So glad that I didn't leave.

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