September 24, 2010

power spilling at a Middle Eastern mall (part 1)

last night a group of us decided to go on a "treasure hunt" (see Kevin Dedmon's The Ultimate Treasure Hunt). We gathered to ask the Lord for "prophetic clues" (conditions, places, people, etc.) and headed for the largest mall in the country breaking into 4 teams. We had a group of 6 youth with us too.

I can't speak for the other 3 teams, but will summarize what we saw in about an hour of 'power spilling'.

One of our clues was a word of knowledge for a knee condition -as we headed into an Apple store, the word of knowledge came back to me and the first person I spoke with (an employee) had the knee condition! He was Lebanese and I was able to pray for him. He testified to there being a difference although it was hard to test out at that point. Then another word of knowledge came for another employee - a Gulf Arab muslim. He let me also pray for him. These guys have my number.

All of the "time" we spent in the Apple store, led into our next encounter. It was my son who noted that if we hadn't spent that time there we wouldn't have me our next "appointment"! As we walked out, a man limping walks by (another Gulf Arab muslim) and I stop to ask him what happened. A car accident had messed up his hip. I explained that it was "required" of us as Christians (if only more Christians believed this to be the case) to pray for anybody and everybody we see who is injured or in pain. I asked him to put his hand on his hip (we were in the center of a busy mall) and just spoke words of healing in Arabic over his hip. By the shocked look on his face something serious was happening! All of a sudden he won't let us leave but immediately calls his friend and begins walking me over to where his friend is. He is telling me that something significant had changed in his hip and as he told his friend it was as "he prayed for me for less than a minute"! The whole time it was still tingling. I gave him my number and told him to call me the next day with an updated report. As I shook his hand to leave, I released the Kingdom of God yet again for the continuation - as I explained that God who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.

Note - this is how easy it is to minister divine healing to muslims! I will continue this report in the next blog post.

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