August 16, 2010

prophetic revelation at the mall

yesterday we went out to "spill" at a local mall. I had taken my son and one of his friends who wanted to see a miracle. I asked her "how many miracles do you want to see?". She said, "Four". I said, "Great, we don't leave today until we've seen at least 4 supernatural/miraculous things!"

a group of young people had passed us and I had gotten a word that one of them had a headache. we finally caught up with them and even though none had a headache (i.e. wrong word of knowledge), they let us pray for some other stuff that needed prayer. we didn't see anything particularly "miraculous" in terms of results, BUT then God begins to give me a prophetic word for one of the teenage girls. I saw a vision of her performing, singing with the microphone in her right hand. I saw her singing and dancing with two other young men. I described the ethnicity and the clothing of one of the men. It was all true! She verified that all of what I saw was in fact for her. We had miracle #1!

we kept offering to pray for people, but couldn't find anybody it seemed who needed to be healed. Then as we were walking by this group of 3, a word of knowledge for a knee problem came to me. We approached them, and sure enough they were just talking about his knee problem. Miracle #2 was the revelation of the knee condition. They were actually quite shocked.

We asked if we could pray for the knee in a restaurant where I had talked to an employee who said she didn't believe in miracles (I wanted to show her one). He agreed and so we went to pray for him while with the skeptical woman. The knee wasn't completely healed (we prayed 3 or 4 times) but it was about 70% better when we were done. I told her not to count that as a miracle - Jesus, doesn't get "C's" on tests (i.e. 70% improvement). So for our count, I'll say we had 1/2 of a miracle (so now we were at 2 1/2 miracles).

Then while talking with the guy with the knee condition and his two friends, I got another word of knowledge about a condition in the back of head or neck. His friend had been injured there in a work accident. Miracle #3 - revelation of the condition.

Our team prayed for her, and all the discomfort surrounding the injury left - she felt completely normal - Miracle #4 - the healing of the injury.

So in the end, we saw 4.5 supernatural things happen while at the mall - able to encourage of number of them who were Christians. I hope the woman who didn't believe in miracles was impacted by the revelation of the knee condition and the 70% improvement.

All in all we were thrilled with the morning. God is a God of miracles!

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