December 03, 2010

muslim man wants me to "show him the money"

while out this afternoon, I got a word of knowledge talking to two muslims about a knee condition. the Egyptian man said he had the problem and let me pray for him. since it wasn't bothering him at the time, I told him to expect that he was healed as the Lord had revealed it to me in order to heal him.

then another muslim man from Jordan said "I have a problem, can you tell me what it is?". Talk about asking me to "show him the money"! I asked him to come stand next to me. He did and after a minute, the Lord revealed that he had a back problem in the upper right part of his back. I got to pray for him a couple of times, and it improved after breaking off the shock and trauma of the accident that caused the problem in the first place. It wasn't completely healed when we ended, but I asked him to contact me in a few days and tell me how it was.

the Lord doesn't reveal other people's problems for our entertainment - His Kingdom's expansion and the revelation of His heart is always at the center of His demonstrations of revelation and power.

Lord - reveal yourself more fully to these muslim men

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