December 03, 2010

hospital visit last night, healed today

an Indian teenager came for prayer this morning (he and his father had been healed of their allergies several weeks ago) and had been to the hospital last night with a severe chest pain. he came for prayer in quite a bit of pain. that was until God's Kingdom collided with pain. he was completely healed and left pain-free.

that shouldn't surprise us - there is NO PAIN in God's Kingdom (Rev. 21:4)

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  1. I apologize if this comment is duplicated; I think the first one was deleted.
    Thanks DJ for posting all the glorious news that's taking place in your part of the world. It builds my faith every time I read about God's awesome miracles! I wish we saw that over here more! We see it occasionally, but not on a daily basis. For example, the muscle in my husband's behind/hip has been causing terrible pain for several weeks now. He's on meds that do little, and he's finally getting an MRI this week. Lots of people are praying for him, and we believe God could heal him if He wanted to, but it just gets worse. I recognize that there are many distractions over here, and God gets put in a corner sometimes. If you could pray for my husband too, we would both appreciate it. Blessings to you guys for a glorious Christmas.