September 08, 2010

reflections on the outreach - equipping youth

hard to know how many people were involved in the 3 outreaches (maybe 200). many who came said they wanted to see their first miracle on the streets - and they did! I was particularly moved by the teenage guy from our Vineyard Church who was skeptical about all the healings he had heard about and joined our team to see one. He basically said, "show me the money" - after God used him to bring healing to 3 people. I asked him how he knew it was real and he told me that when the man who was healed asked, "Did you do magic on me or something"? he was convinced!

That was powerful - a youth from a Charismatic Church who himself was a skeptic UNTIL he saw people healed. Guess who was on EVERY outreach? He was hooked! Can't wait to see what happens as he returns to our Church believing that God heals and wants to use him to release His Kingdom.

Also had others see healing flow through their hands for the first time on the streets as they saw a whole new approach to reaching out.

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