July 04, 2010

miracles at the mall

what a fun afternoon my son and I had watching God break into people's lives at an area mall. a large group of us spent close to 2 hours just getting filled up before going out to spill. We had a long list of clues for our treasure hunt. we ended up finding many of them!

here are some of the highlights:
-we found one of our clues - a left eye problem. got to pray for one of two women who had this problem.

-saw a Hispanic man limping. got to pray for his knees. a lot of the pain left and he was walking much better. next we prayed for his wife. she had several conditions that we got to pray for. another word of knowledge came for a problem in her left arm. we prayed several times. she felt much better.

-we had the clue "ice cream" and found an ice cream shop. a word of knowledge came for one of two girls - a problem in her left foot. she let us pray and all the pain left. later when we filming testimonies, we found her and she testified on camera to her healing!

-a woman in a cast (broken bone) let us pray. took off her cast and said that it felt "completely normal". she was shocked! a word of knowledge also came for some emotional pain. the Lord touched her deeply and she was in tears.

-my son and another in our group prayed for a man on crutches. by the time they were done, he seemed to be much better - walking with minimal use of his crutches. they were so encouraged.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2010

    its a joy reading all that God has and is doing through you guys...