October 10, 2010

muslims are getting more shocked by the "revelation" than by the healings!

this has been a bit of a theme recently, but when we have been getting "words of knowledge" for muslims who are subsequently healed, they seem to be more amazed by the "revelation" that the Lord has given than by the healing miracles themselves.

two experiences this week with muslim women confirm this. both of them were quite literally shocked at how "we knew" they had a particular problem.

I find it quite interesting that this reveals a 'suspicious' similarity between islam and the thinking of some conservative Christians. orthodox muslims don't believe that God speaks any more (i.e. the canon is closed!). This is an uncomfortable parallel in my mind to the thinking of some Christians I know - those who don't believe in the continuation of the revelatory gifts.

I guess at the end of the day, I wonder what my conservative Christians friends even do with what we are seeing happen amongst muslims. How are we "discerning" the illnesses/pains of complete strangers? How are they then getting healed? If it isn't God and His Kingdom, WHO IS IT? If it isn't God, WHY WOULD the kingdom of darkness be active in pointing muslims to Christ and His Kingdom???!!!

I guess I would love to see some of my Christian brothers and sisters as impressed with what the Lord is revealing and doing as the muslims we meet. If only.

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