October 16, 2010

"Did you use magic or something?" man asks me.

after hearing an amazing array of testimonies last night from a number in our community, I was encouraged as I went into a Middle Eastern mall today. While ordering something to drink, I got a word of knowledge about a problem in the hand of one of the employees. Then another word of knowledge for a problem in the rib cage. Both of these words were accurate. I then had this person put their hand on their rib cage, prayed and the pain left. Then another employee asks me "Did you use magic or something?". I explained that it was not magic but God's power through prayer. Finally, before leaving, I got to have the healed employee put her hand on her lower back - which was also hurting and prayed for God's power and peace to come. After testing it out, she said it was much better. I then was able to give her the phone number of a pastor from her country so she could pursue God with others.

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