July 28, 2010

ministering to Persian muslims

tonight while in a store, Desert Princess and I approached a Persian woman who we sensed needed prayer. her family joined her and we proceeded to pray with several physical conditions they wanted us to pray for. one asked me, "what do I need prayer for"? Immediately a couple of words of knowledge came - something in her head and another in her wrist. Both of these were conditions she had we my wife prayed for her. Another Muslim woman friend of theirs came up - they asked her to let us pray for her. Two of the women began to feel God's presence as we prayed.

While talking to them, I said that they were far more open to receiving prayer than many of the people from our own country who no longer really believe in the supernatural and are far more resistant to being prayed for. Pray for the muslims that you meet. You'll be surprised how open they are!

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