July 26, 2010

releasing the Kingdom at the beach again

a group of us spent a few hours releasing the Kingdom - prophetic words, healings and sharing with people about Christ. we got to pray for several people in casts. one of the saddest things was to run into "unbelieving believers" (Christians that really don't believe in nor expect healing). These are a much tougher group to minister to and see breakthrough with than with unbelievers. When people believe that God "can" heal but that He isn't "willing" to, it is very difficult to see healing.

on one occasion I got a word about a right wrist condition. a group of Armenians had allowed us to sit down. one guy had the condition, but didn't believe that God was willing to heal him. we prayed several times and it did seem that in this case his faith was a major hinderance.

another guy had a cast and we prayed. I sensed something happening and he said that he could feel like "tingling" in his broken foot. we don't know what happened because he wasn't willing to check it out at that point.

the most significant thing that happened was with a Buddhist woman. I had gotten a word of knowledge about shoulder and neck pain. she was standing next to me and so I asked if she had that problem. she did and allowed us to pray. After some time she said that all the pain had gone and it was normal. we prophesied over this woman and prayed for her about a couple of challenges she was facing. it was an amazing time to share about having a relationship with Christ. She seemed very close to committing her life to Christ. she is planning on coming to a meeting with a friend of ours to have more of an encounter with God.

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