November 11, 2011

when God reveals a name

it doesn't happen very often, but over the past 10 years the Lord has given me the names of 6-8 people.  He then had a significant word or healing for the person involved.

last night while we were waiting on the Lord some prophetic words for a youth meeting, God highlighted a young lady and began to give me some things for her.  after some time as I asked the Lord for more information, the name "Diana" came to me.  I dismissed it because early in the evening a group of us had been ministering to a woman named Diana in another nation over Skype - so I didn't think it meant anything for her.

to my surprise when I sat down next to her and asked her her name, she said, "Diana".  I explained to her that the Lord had given me her name and began to give her a prophetic word.  she began to cry.  probably not because of the word, but because the Lord had called her out by name.  It is an amazing thing when He does that.

More Lord!

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