December 29, 2012

Dubai miracles begin

a group of us has arrived in Dubai to see what God will do as we love people intentionally with the power of the Kingdom.

i arrived a bit earlier than the group and it started off with a word of knowledge for a knee condition for the employees of the car rental company. one was a muslim and the other man a Christian. the Christian man from India had the problem and let me pray. The Lord healed his knee and he told me that he was "born again". He also was eager to know when and if I was doing any Church services in Dubai?

as I was about to get into the car, the other man approached me. he wanted to know one thing; he asked me, "How did you know that my friend had a knee problem"? I told him clearly that Jesus told me because He wanted to heal him. As is often the case, since muslims don't believe God speaks anymore, he was most shocked in how in the world I knew about someone else's problem who I obviously didn't know.

the great thing about this is that who is working with this Indian muslim man? a born-again believer who will undoubtedly be telling him a lot more about the Jesus who healed him and who speaks today!

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