December 29, 2012

Malls, muslims and Miracles in Dubai - Day 2

yesterday we spent many, many hours in the largest mall in the world watching God touch people from many different nationalities. I think that was something that really shocked us all - in addition to ministering to people from the United Arab Emirates, we interacted with and/or prayed with people from South Africa, Pakistan, the Philippines, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Mali, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbajan, India and Ethiopia. I'm sure there a couple of more because we were a team of 7.

Here were some of the encounters:

At lunch there were a large group of South Africans eating next to us and I told them about the team I had with me that could heal and prophesy and before we even had a chance to continue, I got a word of knowledge for a back condition in a particular part of the back. Two of the women had it and I had them each grab each other's hand and I prayed and both of them were healed! One of them went on and on about all the medication she had been taking and how bad it had been. She came over first and several of the team prophesied over her. Isaac of Ninevah had a vision for one girl and described in detail her bedroom and a Christmas gift she had received the day before and she was powerfully impacted. What ensued was one after one there were words of knowledge and then the person would come and was healed. This happened with a neck, ear pain a left arm and also a left knee condition. The Lord revealed and healed them all. Their Ethiopian maid had stomach pain and she was healed too! One left arm was also healed. Several of these South Africans were Christians and we were able to encourage them and even with one teenage girl (whose knee was healed), I was able to train her how to do the same thing we were doing. It was a good start to our mall visit to say the least.

After lunch it was time to get caffeinated and on our way to the coffee shop there was a shop that was called "La Cure" - I thought, we've got to see a miracle in a place with that name! We walked in and inquired if there was any employee in pain - one woman had lost her voice and we prayed a couple of times for it and nothing happened. That was a bit discouraging and surprising after all the healings at lunch (and yes we do share things that don't happen on this blog), but I was sure God wanted to do more. One employee from Azerbajan (who was a muslim) had been watching what was happening (or not happening to be more precise) was willing to talk with us a bit more and Isaac began to give her a prophetic word. I also got a word of knowledge about emotional numbness and now we had her attention as this was something that was true. The Lord also gave us some more prophetic insights into her temperament and personality. We had her put her hand on her heart and released the Kingdom. She said she felt God touching her. Then I got a word of knowledge for a specific knee which I felt was for one of her parents. Isaac saw a man walking with a cane. It was accurate and for her father. I asked when she would be talking to her father. She said she Skyped them every day. So we prayed that he would be healed at that very moment where he was. We hope to be able to follow up. I told her that I felt it would be a sign for her that God had genuinely healed her heart!

At one point, on our way to coffee, we met 3 muslim men from Mali. One of them was a Tuarag, which historically had been a Christian tribe before being forcibly converted to Islam like 700 years ago. It was difficult to communicate, but one of them had a little English and could serve as a translator. One of them had a back injury and we prayed for him and he was healed. Through our limited ability to communicate verbally, we explained what God was communicating to them through His loving, healing hand. They were very happy to meet us and wanted to become our Facebook friends after taking many pictures with us.

When we got to the coffee shop, one of the team ministered to a Russian woman who was healed. Isaac and I left them there for a while and went to a sporting goods store. As I was buying a belated birthday present for myself, he had prayed for a Sri Lankan buddhist employee who was healed and very surprised that Jesus had healed him. Isaac also asked if any of them had problems with demons and one of them said he didn't but that he had a couple of friends that did. we are in the process of connecting them to some local believers who can minister exorcism to his friends.

When we returned to the coffee shop there were a couple of Emirati muslim women there. I had a word of knowledge and asked one of the girls with us to approach them. She was able to pray for their healing and God.

At dinner there were some other Emirati muslim women and a couple of us had gotten words of knowledge (back problem and something else) and one of the guys also had some pretty detailed information about the circumstances that led to the pain/injuries (i.e. sleeping on a bad mattress). all the words were accurate and one of our women prayed for them to be healed. They were very open to receiving ministry which is something many who live and work in the UAE don't often believe.

I am forgetting some of the others stories and people we ministered to, but we talked about it and felt it was no exaggeration to say that we probably prayed for up to 30 different people and that between 1/3 and 1/2 of them attested to being healed. Of course there were some who couldn't tell at the moment. This was all in a muslim country under the constant surveillance of cc cameras and we were never told to stop, no one got angry (I even offered at one point to pray for a Saudi Arabian family, who although they declined my offer, were nevertheless very thankful that I offered.

malls, muslims and miracles - it has a nice ring to it.

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