December 29, 2012

Dubai miracles - Day 1

As Isaac of Ninevah and some of the team arrived in Dubai, they got a word of knowledge and saw a man healed (I don't have the details), but just a good start to what's going to be a great time of healing and miracles.

we headed out last night to a mall and got to minister to quite a few people - employees in the restaurant we ate in - we prayed for two or three of them. one for headaches, another for a throat condition that the Lord revealed through a word of knowledge.

at a coffee shop a bit later, we got to pray for a couple more employees - one of them had an problem in her arm which we prayed for several times and saw get about 80% better. I also approached some Emirati Arab muslims with what I thought was a word of knowledge for them. None of them had the problem (a word for a neck condition) but were very interested to discuss healing and learn from a Christian how we hear from God and pray for the sick. I was able to share with them in Arabic the Lord's prayer and how we believe that "on earth as it is in heaven" is our mandate to bring healing to anybody and everybody. they took my phone number. somehow I think I'll be hearing from them again.

we were able to minister to another man in another shop who had back pain. we only saw him get about 80% healed.

other than that we offered to pray for and minister to handful of others, but nothing else opened up. one table of people actually refused when one of the team approached them with some prophetic words.

this nation is known to be a difficult nation for Kingdom breakthrough - whereas many Christians live and work here with tremendous freedom, there are only a handful of known local believers and we are trusting that in the few days we are here that we will be able to demonstrate the power of the Kingdom to many Emiratis and other muslims who know nothing yet of the power of Christ, His Divine Nature, His atoning sacrifice, etc. etc.
pray for us.

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  1. We believe that "on earth as it is in heaven" is our mandate to bring healing to anybody and everybody.

    Thanks for the reminder!