December 25, 2012

Christmas Presents for Muslims - Part 3

Yesterday we went to another Middle Eastern mall – we were actually just stopping by to say hello to some of our community that was celebrating a birthday and H. from Texas finds a Bedouin muslim woman, offers healing and proceeds to pray for her right in the shoe store.  H. is just being who she is – a Holy Spirit filled believer releasing the Kingdom whenever and wherever she goes.  When we found the birthday party (in a restaurant),  I offered "Christmas presents" to any of the staff.  I had my Santa's hat on and told them (mostly muslims) that we would help anybody with pain.  One Lebanese muslim came over and shared some personal details/problems.  I explained that my friends could "see" things and told him they would share some things with him.  Two of the team from Texas proceeded to NAIL the situation – it was about his engagement and upcoming marriage.  They also prophesied over a S. African believer who was at the party – she told me they were very encouraging/accurate prophetic words.

After this I got a word of knowledge for a neck problem on the left side sensing it was for someone at the party.  We were all at one table and sure enough down at the end one of two muslims at the party had a neck problem in that exact location.  I explained why the Lord had revealed it and of His intention to heal it.  I had another guest grab her hand and I prayed for her – her neck was healed.  I had also gotten a word for a problem in the upper left arm but hadn't asked anybody about it.  That comes next.

I went back to the restaurant manager, a Lebanese muslim, to inquire about others who needed healing.  I had seen one guy that I sensed needed prayer and that ended up being the cashier.  I was wrong about him needing prayer for healing (I thought it he might have some knee problems from the way he walked by) but then "broadened" things a bit and said, that basically God will heal any and every pain.  He had none, but the man next to him had pain in his upper left arm – I had found my word of knowledge.  I asked this muslim man to put his hand on his arm and I prayed.  It was about 50% better after praying once and then I asked if I could put my hand on his arm.  After praying again, he arm was completely healed.

It's just a lot of fun what can happen on Christmas Eve Day in a restaurant full of muslims when someone's wearing a Santa's hat offering "Christmas Presents" in Jesus' Name!

After this, we had arranged to go and pray for a muslim young man who had never walked.  We had met his father on our first outreach who asked if we would come.  He gave us the impression that the boy was fine but simply couldn’t walk.  When we entered the house we realized that was only a part of the problem.  Radical oxygen deprivation at birth had left this boy in a radically deformed state.  It was one of the saddest conditions I've ever seen.  This Shi'ite muslim family welcomed us in to pray for the boy.  While there, the Lord opened the door through a word of knowledge to pray for one of their other sons who had a back condition.  God's power came onto the teenager in a powerful way.  He was really touched.  The mother of the boy we came to pray for also had foot problems and one of our ladies prayed for her feet.  She couldn't tell at that point what had happened as she had to test it on a walk.  Another muslim woman there had her wrist healed.  I was able to share a number of things about the Gospel with this family; about the reality of Jesus carrying our pains and infirmities - "by His stripes, we are healed".  They have some parallel beliefs as Shi'ites and were very receptive.  I spoke about the ministry of angels.  We were able to lay hands on the boy and release the Kingdom.  Although we saw now noticeable difference in his condition, we believe we deposited something in that muslim home.  No Christians had ever been there to pray for their son.  No Christians had ever come into their home and sang, and done spiritual warfare and brought the Kingdom.  I was told that I must come back.  Love can break though any barrier.  We also believe that there will be measurable changes in the condition of this young man.

All in all it wasn't too bad of a Christmas Eve Day here in the Middle East.  Don’t forget to deliver presents when you are out and about this Christmas and New Years!

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