February 12, 2011

God at work in a Middle Eastern mall

After our special trip to Lebanon, it just seems that the miracles are increasing. Today I met three Lebanese women (one muslim, two druze) who were on their break from work. I told them about the miracles we saw in Lebanon the previous week and asked them if they wanted to see a miracle right then. One of them had foot pain. I had another one put her hand on the foot and I prayed. The Lord healed her on the spot.

It was time to get Desert Princess involved. I called her on the mobile and she came. Next another woman's back was hurting. God healed it. Then my wife went into their store and continued praying for healing and saw several other muslim women healed. What a shopping trip!

I also got a word of knowledge for a woman's neck and shoulder in a shoe store - she was healed.

I got another word of knowledge for an Indian's man elbow in the Sketcher store and he was healed to.

Just had a number of opportunities to demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom and then tell these people something about the King who healed them. With the Arab muslim and druze women, numbers were exchanged.

This is just what a normal shopping trip should look like.

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