April 13, 2010

Gulf Arab muslim's left wrist healed after word of knowledge

while checking out a new smartphone, I got a strong word of knowledge for a left wrist problem. It has been the 1st clue on our treasure map from about 1 1/2 hrs earlier. I asked the Indian Christian employee - it wasn't for him. To his left, were 3 other employees - all Gulf Arab muslims. I asked them who had the left wrist problem. they all said they didn't AT FIRST. then the first one said, "I've got the problem, I broke my left wrist". At that point, I pardoned myself for a few minutes and went to get my 'treasure map'. As I opened the book, I showed him 'clue #1' - it gave me an opportunity to explain how God reveals peoples' conditions in order to heal them. This was his short intro to Kingdom Theology!

He was ready to have me pray. I grabbed his wrist - quickly released the Kingdom as his friends watched. And then the moment of truth - he checks it out. ALL THE PAIN was gone! He was shocked. His friends at first didn't believe it - but he assured them that he was in fact healed.

We exchanged numbers - I made sure he knew who to contact when he or anyone else he knew needed a miracle. This is going to be a huge open door for the Gospel. I love the way God works - so much fun, so natural and so far beyond what we could ever do!

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