April 15, 2010

manifesting God's love out on the street’s

On an addition to the testimonies DJ has written about the treasure hunt we had ….i thank God giving me an opportunity to witness His healings and miracles first hand …these mean a lot to me cause it isn't like before that I would dwell on testimonies from friends talking about friends whose friends move with God's healing power???

It was a joy the other day to see muslims on getting healed after the Holy Sprit gave me chance to pray ….insisting that i explain to them just how do we go around praying for people with the word of knowledge and see breakthrough's …it gave us an opportunity to talk about Jesus the Healer in the world today…

Yes I do acknowledge that I dint see a total breakthrough with person with a ear pain…but that dint stop me from seeing God's healing breakthrough's in others…

Be it musilms with back pains, hip joints, right wrists or a Buddhist with a pain that starts from his right eye and runs up to the center of his head …..

I did get a chance to pray for a Christian who happened to be working in the mall we were treasure hunting….on being healed from a backache….he rejoiced thanking God for sending His followers to minister to people on the streets (out of the Churches)….i smile and tell him that we are not a few…..

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