August 10, 2013

Ireland - Day 1

Because we as a team are praying for so many people, these daily blog posts are going to be a summary of some of the things we see God do each day.

On the plane - arthritis affected woman who could not stand without pain. after prayer, she felt heat. at end of flight, no pain for first time in three years.

After one of the team cars was in a minor car accident, the Lord changed the healing of migraines, fear, broken hand, prayed for the father, mother

Prayed for girl's right knee - testified to it feeling better.

Man in knee brace - got up walking around very surprised after the Lord healed a chronic pain condition.

Polish couple - saw ear plug. Man had serious ear pain. Had his girlfriend lay hand on him and payed once and it was 70% better. prayed again and he was totally healed - pain free. Girlfriend says, "I believe now"

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