August 06, 2013

miracles on the pier - part 2

As we walked away from miracle #1,  I began to speak about words of knowledge with my young partner and told him that I believed he would actually begin receiving words of knowledge that very night by way of impartation and for him to take special notice of things he might feel in his body as we walked around.  Without exaggeration, literally moments after I finished saying this, he feels something in his neck as we walk by a group of four teenagers.  We stop and I ask them and one of them has the actual problem.  I asked the young man's girlfriend to lay hands on his neck.  I prayed a quick prayer and the young man is healed!  

I have NEVER seen a quicker manifestation of a gift of healing by way of impartation than what I had just seen!  It was simply remarkable to see how fast God worked.  We are living in days of just incredible acceleration – if only we would believe it!

The group of teenagers were Christians that went to a good local church and were quite blessed by what the Lord had just done for them.

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