August 05, 2013

miracles on the pier - part 1

God set us up.  Last week I met a woman who had been interceding for heroin-addicted youth who all converge at a local pier.  I told her I was leading a youth outreach the following week and that we would send a team down to reach out to them with the power of Christ's miraculous Kingdom.  I knew that it was going to be a good night and off a group of us went.  My daughter came with some of her friends and I took a young man who'd been in Charismatic churches his entire life but hadn't himself personally been used to heal.  He was hungry to see God's power flow through him personally for the first time.  Man, was that about to change!!!

Little did I know he had just attended a Jesus Culture Conference and was disappointed that he couldn't attend the power evangelism/treasure hunting outreach part of the conference.  His prayer was that he wanted to see something happen.  God answered that heart cry quickly as it had only been a week since the conference ended.

I basically told him that he was free to come along with me and simply "watch".  Jesus actually mentored people in a way that is seldom found in today's Churches.  First, he told them to "come and see".  That took all the pressure off of him and off we went.  As we walked to the end of the pier, I walked by a small shop and a word of knowledge came for an employee.  I walked up and asked the teenage girl working there, "Somebody who works here has neck pain, who is that?".  There was only one other worker, but we didn't need to ask him because the word was for her.  She had suffered a neck injury and was shocked by this revelation.  My daughter was close by and I called her over. She prayed quickly for this young woman (I train people to finish their prayers in 15 seconds or less) and to this injured young lady's utter shock and amazement – her neck was healed!!!!  She kept asking things like "How did you do that"?  

Some of the teenage girls who were with me tried to follow up with her a bit more, but that was all that God had for her on that night.  Love NEVER forces – it doesn't coerce.  God reached out to this young woman, revealed to me her pain, used my daughter's healing prayer and healed this woman because of His outrageous love for her – which we were sure to explain as to the "why" God would do such a thing.

If you read this, pray for this woman who "tasted" His love and power, to open up her heart to receive Him as Lord and Savior.

BTW – the young man who was with me and wanted to see a miracle, was absolutely lit up by what had just happened – in part 2, I'll tell you what the Lord did next.  It was one of the most accelerated Kingdom thing I've ever seen!

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