August 10, 2013

Miracles on the Pier - Part 3

We had specifically gone to the pier to try and reach out to heroin-addicted teens. I made two attempts to offer something of the Kingdom (healing & freedom from addictions) to a clear group of addicts but they were simply not interested. Love doesn't coerce, it doesn't force and as badly as God wants to set them free, He won't force Himself onto them.

However, along the way the Lord highlighted a young couple and through a word of knowledge about a neck problem, we began to minister to them. They had been heroin addicts and had recently come to Christ. We were able to pray and see physical healing. The Church they attended, albeit a strong Evangelical one, wasn't particularly strong in the area of healing and the miraculous and so we had the opportunity to share with them about some Christian life realities that they were wholly unaware of. They were so interested in learning more about how to minister in Kingdom power and we were able to connect them with our Youth Pastor and hopefully they will soon begin to be trained and equipped to reach their addict friends with the power of the Holy Spirit. What struck me at the end of this encounter was that the young woman came in and gave me a big hug after we had ministered to them for 10-15 minutes. We was visibly moved by the encounter and the way God healed her, spoke to her and encouraged her.

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