July 29, 2012

Me - "I want to see a miracle in the Timberline Lodge" - Jesus - "Done"

for some crazy reason, I just wanted to see a miracle happen in the Timberline Lodge - it was the hotel featured in the classic horror film The Shining.  So after skiing, we walked into the hotel and asked to see the manager.  We found the man in charge and I told him what was in my heart to see and asked if he could help us.  He said, "I just came from the hospital; I have strep throat and you can start with me".  Wow!!!  We go back into his office and ask him to put his hand on his throat.  We pray a quick prayer releasing the power of Jesus and after saying "Amen", I ask if he can go and drink some water to test it out.  He says he doesn't need to - it was already healed!!!  I guess it hurt even when he wasn't drinking.  We found out he was a believer - and I am sure that his testimony was going to spread all throughout his hotel.  God is good and gives us what our heart desires!

moguls and miracles - the laying on of hands becomes the laying on of "ski poles"

I've seen a number of people healed in ski resorts in the past 8-10 years - mostly in Asia, but this past week a few of us were skiing in Oregon and we knew that if we would step out, God would move.  we'd just seen so many healings on the streets of Portland.  

I would introduce my buddies as "healers" and ask if anybody had any injuries or pains.  Skiers and snowboarders usually do and this was no exception.  One guy had an ankle problem and my buddy laid his ski pole on his ankle and prayed for Jesus to bring the Kingdom.  I agreed with him as we broke off the "shock and trauma" from the injury and sure enough the Lord touched him with His healing.  I don't know if it was 100% healed at that point, but it was healed enough that he called out to his friend (also operating the ski lift) saying, "Dude, do the healing thing. It works!"  Then we got to pray for his buddy too!  

Those were the only ones we got to pray for on the mountain - I also prayed for another snowboarder who had an injury - don't know what happened.  At the end of the day, we got to pray for a French speaking family from Quebec whose son had a cast on his ankle.  Don't know how much improvement he saw, but they were very thankful that we prayed.

all in all, it was a great day of skiing and doing Kingdom healing - moguls and miracles in the mountains.  that has a nice ring to it.

chocolate shop healing & set-up for another one

I like chocolate shops, and as I was out with a family with some smaller kids, we decided to go inside one and get samples.  We got samples, and while in there I get a word of knowledge for a shoulder/neck problem.  Since there were two employees and three other customers, I just decide to make the "public announcement" about the condition and one of the customers says that she had that problem earlier in the day but it went away.  I thought that a bit strange.  Why would the Lord give me a word of knowledge for someone who no longer has the problem/pain/condition?  Maybe because He wanted to heal someone else!  I had explained that if the woman still had had that problem that God would have healed it.  Then another one of that group acknowledges the power of prayer and says her feet are killing her (she had a condition I had never heard of).  I asked if I could pray for her and she agreed.  I knelt down and laid my hands on her feet.  I prayed once - one was healed.  I prayed a second time and the other was healed in Jesus' Name.  So much fun.  Then she actually asked if she could pay me money!  Freely we have received, freely we give - I politely declined her offer of gratitude.  Basically that's a pretty good indicator that someone's been healed when they actually offer to pay for it!

As I am leaving, some other customers walked in and a much stronger word of knowledge for a left arm problem comes - no one had the problem, BUT the next woman we met when we left the chocolate shop did have that condition and the Lord touched her taking away a significant percentage of her pain.  she was a Christian and so thankful for the healing prayer.

homeless street drummer healed

while we approached a young homeless teen drumming on a street corner, a word of knowledge came revealing that he had a headache.  I stopped and stooped next to him.  He was probably thinking I was going to give him money (I did give him something) but then after admiring one of his drums, I asked him if he had a headache.  he did and then God healed him in Jesus' Name after prayer.

I imagine that it was a whole lot better to be drumming headache-free.

Jesus hates headaches and so should we!

a healing that reveals how radical grace truly is

while waiting to head back out with a new group, I noticed a young man (early 20's) who was standing nearby.  I got a word of knowledge that he had a problem in his hand/fingers.  I approached him with my "strange question" and sure enough his hand/fingers were injured.  he appeared very nervous and apologized as he was waiting for the police to come.  then I discover how he was injured - he was a mixed martial arts fighter and had just assaulted a man!  he was about to be arrested for assault by the police as soon as they arrived.  so then I waded into the water.  I told him that in spite of what had just happened, I believed God wanted to heal him right then and there.  he was willing to let me pray and sure enough the Lord healed this man.  I was reminded of the Scripture, "that God demonstrates His love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  This man had just committed a crime and Jesus reached out and healed him!  Powerful stuff.  This man was a backslidden Christian and I am sure that this encounter was something that was going to bring him back as it's "God's kindness that leads us to repentance".

God is just way kinder than I ever imagined!

"common sense" words of knowledge

"common sense" words of knowledge is a term I just made up - kind of like the way we've been talking about "visual words of knowledge" for years now (when someone has a cast or a bandage that is visible).  I often will ask guys who drive taxis if they have back problems or others whose employment/hobby/sport might lead to a particular type of pain/injury (just ask skateboarders if they have any pain).  anyway, I went up to a security guard who spends all day on his feet if he had any pain ("common sense" for his job) that he might want to get rid of.  I'm not sure how I introduced myself (sometimes I mention that I'm a pastor) but anyway, this guy had a knee problem and was willing to let us pray.  he laid hands on his own knee and we prayed in Jesus' Name - he was healed and as you can imagine quite thankful for the encounter.  we saw him hours later and guess what?  he was still pain free and doing well.

pretty much anybody who spends all day on their feet (like nurses and some security guards) or who drive vehicles for a living (taxis, police officers, drivers) will have some kind of pain - go in with a "common sense" word of knowledge!  ask and see.  Guess who will back you up if you get a chance to pray??  

drive-by healing of neck/shoulder

sometimes you have to interact with someone for a while and God will give a word of knowledge, and then there are the most fun types - when you are walking by a single individual and a word comes suddenly.  this happened while 3 of us walked by a guy sitting in an outside cafe.  he was pretty shocked - "how did you know"?  he actually thought he was doing something to give it away.  I explained it was nothing like that.  I asked him to put his hand on his neck/shoulder - he did, we prayed in the Name of Jesus and God healed him.  he was pain free and very happy.  he didn't seem to want to interact any more and so we left rejoicing at the way the Lord did a "drive-by" to exalt the Name of His Son.