January 27, 2010

God on the move on the streets!

last night a group of us headed out to see what God would do. We were NOT disappointed! two groups of us got to minister to many different people from different nationalities. Our team was also a very international group.

as we were walking around, the Lord began giving our group words of knowledge - left knee. We ask a Nepali hindu security guard. The problem is his. We pray and he's healed. Also, I got a word for his neck. He had a problem there. The Lord began touching his neck during prayer - he said it felt "like fire".

the absolute highlight of the night for me was as I was passing a bakery, I got a word of knowledge for a headache in the back of the head. There were 3 people working in the bakery - I introduced myself and asked who had the headache. The Syrian druze manager was God's target! We prayed once, and nothing happened. I said, "Impossible!". We prayed again and then all the pain left. The other two employees were Filipino Catholics. One said, "are you a psychic?". I said, "No way, this is God's power"! The Lord then revealed two problems she had - left ear and her right side. I prayed for her. She was now pretty much in shock. Then the Lord revealed another problem for the other Filipino woman - I prayed for her. Then I prayed for her shoulder which one of our team had also gotten a word about when we walked in - all the pain left. Finally as I was about to leave, I get the name "Maryam" (or something like that). They said, "Maryanne works here but isn't working tonight". At that point another word of knowledge comes for the left arm. I asked, "she has a problem with her left arm doesn't she"? She did! Needless to say, everyone was encouraged as we left the shop. God is so good, and He surprised us all last night.

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