May 30, 2010

an unusual healing of a muslim woman

a few nights ago we were ministering to an Arab Christian family. God brought healing to several conditions and there has been noticeable improvement in the life of the husband who'd had a massive stroke.

what we didn't know until a few days later was the way God healed a muslim woman friend of the family. as far as I know, we've never experienced a healing quite like the one I am about to describe.

here is what happened - when praying for the wife, whose hand had been healed after a word of knowledge that two of us received, I got another word for a specific tooth. Lower left, back tooth. The woman was taken back when we said this, because she had a painful problem with that specific tooth. We prayed and she was healed.

this is where the story changes. We learned a few days later that after we began to pray for her, she began to pray for a muslim friend of hers who had the same problem she had. The next day when she talked to her, the muslim friend told her that the day before at 4PM (the exact time we were praying) she began to feel heat in her jaw and all the pain left her tooth too! this Christian woman then had the opportunity to tell her muslim friend everything that had happened the day before.

it is just amazing the way God causes a domino effect - to heal, to reach out to the lost (muslims) and build all of our faith!

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