February 22, 2011

we see 5 healings amongst muslims

tonight we went out to see the Kingdom come. it started a bit slow, but then we met a group of Egyptian muslims and a word of knowledge came about a back problem. One of them had the problem and let us pray. He was healed. Next another word came for a left foot problem - my friend prayed for the same man and his foot was healed. Then he asked for prayer for his other foot - it was healed. We got to pray for another man's back and a ganglion cyst on his wrist. He would have to see how his back was because it wasn't hurting, and the pain left the ganglion cyst when he touched it, but it was still there so I didn't consider it a healing. I instructed him how he could pray the Lord prayer in Arabic and ask for "God's will to be done in his wrist AS IT IS in heaven". Finally, we got to pray for the first guy's chronic headache (from an injury). After praying several times, it was healed.

To top off the evening, I got a word of knowledge for another muslim guy from Bangladesh for a neck problem. He was healed after we prayed.

It was so much fun just to see God destroy the pain in muslim mens' bodies and to then invite them to some healing services that will be held near their homes this weekend. We pray that what they saw and experienced will encourage them to come and see even more AND to meet the healer, Jesus, personally too!

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