March 31, 2011

the reality of the demonic

I'm getting Desert Princess to write down what has happened this week. In short, it is nothing short of remarkable. I find it funny that many (if not most) of the Bible believing Christians I know don't REALLY seem to believe in the demonic realm or if they do, it is more of a "doctrinal belief". Of course they would say they believe in satan and demons because the Bible teaches they exist, but if they were honest they would say that these issues (and the movies that portray demonic possession) are greatly exaggerated.

Then enters my wife's last week. Something like 4 people approached her this week to help them with their demonic problems. In the case of 3 of them, they are now totally free. In the case of those who were set free, the level of demonic oppression and in one case arguably possession was quite high. Demons speaking and saying horrible things.

I really want her to tell the stories, or at least one of the stories. The last one entailed a muslim Gulf arab woman who interestingly was very involved in new age practices including the ever-present 'reike'. If you know anybody who dabbles in reike, or worse yet, a Christian who thinks that it is somehow 'combatable' with Christianity, you will be interested to know that it is 110% darkness and controlled by demons.

At the end, my wife and another team mate cast two demons out of this woman, led to her to Christ, saw her get filled with the Holy Spirit and she immediately went home and burned thousands of dollars of new age periphenalia. Talk about the fruit of repentance. Reminds me of the magicians and sorcerers in Ephesus in the Book of Acts.

What was remarkable was the level of deception - this woman had NO IDEA that there were demons behind what she was doing. That was until they started to speak up and say things like, "we don't want to go, she invited us in". Wow! Who needs Hollywood?, we are LIVING this stuff.

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