April 05, 2011

when we takes the risks, things happen in malls

this past weekend has been a crazy time of Kingdom activity. we had a team here from Bethel Church, and so it is actually very challenging to even begin to try and remember all that we saw the Lord do. We did 4 church services, a couple of house meetings and outreach too.

I will comment briefly on the outreach because it fits best with the vision of what we are trying to advocate, model and encourage as a Joel 2 Generation culture.

a group of 20 of us broke up into 6 or 7 teams and headed out into a mall for only 1 1/2 hours of treasure hunting/power-prophetic "spilling". What amazed me when we gathered later to recount the works that God performed and debrief a little bit was just how many miracles of healing, and accurate words of knowledge and prophecy happened in such a short period of time. These are truly days of such increase and breakthrough and so much of the Body of Christ seems (at least to me) to be unaware of it.

the group I was with saw headaches healed (a couple), two back conditions healed, all the pain and inability associated with arthritis in a leg healed (she was crying in gratitude), and then another back with scoliosis also changed drastically. we also saw some burning, irritated eyes feel completely cool and cold. a young muslim man walking with a cane due to foot pain was pain free after prayer and I checked up with him an hour after we prayed. there was more and yet I can't remember. the Gospel was being shared, church connections were being made. it was just a lot of Kingdom fun.

the other teams came back with many more stories of God's miraculous intervention. many other healings - including muslim men and women.

the moral of this story is that when you go to malls, OPEN YOUR KINGDOM EYES and you will see the same types of things happening. yes, we are required to take risks; to step out in faith and love people intentionally; to expect that when Spirit-filled believers pray in Jesus' Name for unbelievers the likelihood of nothing happening is very unlikely.

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