June 22, 2011

recent "Treasure Hunt"

on a recent trip a group of us went on a "treasure hunt". we gathered some "prophetic clues" and launched out to see what God would do. one of our first clues was for a man with a shaved-head and tatoos. we had nothing else. we immediately came upon a man with a shaved head but could see no tatoos. we approached him and told him why we had approached him. immediately he lifts his arms to reveal two arms full of tatoos on the inside. we asked if he needed prayer for anything. he wanted to be free of his addiction to chewing tobacco. we prayed for that and moved on.

next we approached a young guy who was sitting alone and showed him our "treasure map" (the clues). he found one that said injured right shoulder and upper arm. he was discouraged because it wasn't the left shoulder and upper arm. he had injured himself and was in pretty bad pain (we could see the bruise) we told him that we'd pray anyway. we prayed once and most of his pain left. we prayed again and he said "I can't find the pain any more".

after that we approached a group of skaters. they always have pain of some sort. they did. one guy let us pray for his elbow. as I prayed nothing really happened, but when one of the teens (on his first treasure hunt) prayed, he could feel something significant happening. it really encouraged our team member. the boy we prayed for still had pain when we left, but we knew that God had done something significant.

finally we meet a couple from overseas (he was Dutch and she was Australian). while talking to them, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about a problem in one of their feet. we asked and they were silent. they acted like there was no problem. a few minutes later the wife pulled one of the women on our team aside and confided that she in fact did have foot pain in the exact location I had described. she prayed and then we prayed again. she could sense something had changed because the constant "tingling" sensation that she had left. it was just a great opportunity to encourage this Roman Catholic couple (who incidently had just walked out of a Pentecost Catholic service) with the work and power of the Holy Spirit. numbers and emails were exchanged.

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