September 27, 2011

a couple of muslims healed

yesterday we did some "spilling" here in the Middle East.  prayed for an African muslim man who had tooth pain.  He said all the pain left and wanted to get together with us again.  in the evening, I got a word of knowledge walking by an optician shop.  I walk in and there is a Filipino optometrist, an Iranian shi'ite woman and an Egyptian (presumably muslim) working there.  I ask who had the pain in the wrist and hand.  It was the Iranian woman.  So my ministry team became the Catholic Filipino woman.  She took the wrist of the woman, and I prayed for healing in Arabic.  She starts feeling tingling in the wrist.  By the time we were done (we prayed twice), she said she was healed.  I told her my wife was an exorcist and healing that if she needed any further ministry, she could contact her.  then the Egyptian guy asks to talk to me privately.  We step outside and he ends up being a Coptic Orthodox Christian.  He asked me if I was a "missionary"!  This whole event is beginning to sound like I could set it up as a joke - an American Charismatic Protestant, walks into a shop with a Filipino Catholic, an Egyptian Orthodox and an Iranian shi'ite muslim....

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