September 13, 2011

former Hindu woman having amazing God encounters

an Indian woman from a high caste Hindu background came to Christ last spring after we prayed for her to be healed. immediately she began to have "encounters" - dreams, visions, OPEN visions, audible voice, etc. we'll it hasn't stopped and this past Friday there was a new one. she hasn't been to our "Encountering God" meetings that we hold on Fridays but this last week her husband agreed and she was all set to come. the enemy countered and her husband went to sleep at 4:30pm and couldn't be woken up. like a spirit of slumber came on him. she was so discouraged and went into her bedroom to read the Scriptures and pray. she was taken into a vision and was somehow "at our meeting". I was totally dumbfounded as my wife and I listened to her describe our meeting exactly! she knew where people were sitting, she was confused when she saw certain people laughing. Actually the laughter broke out in a strong way this past week and she doubted the vision/experience because somehow she thought we were "only praying". one of the women she knew actually was laid out in the middle of the room laughing like no one else. she saw that and described it all. we are truly in awe of what God is doing. now our friend gets to add "translocation" to her list of crazy, Biblical experiences.


  1. it's even gotten better. she received and was given some very accurate prophetic revelation about another high caste Hindu woman in India. she contacted her and spoke to her about the revelation and led her Christ over the phone. she boldly proclaimed that she had to turn ONLY to Jesus and turn away from all her Hindu gods. she agreed and gave her life to the Lord.