October 11, 2011

pinching ourselves

my wife, Desert Princess, met again with a former Hindu woman who came to Christ after being healed.  the types of encounters this woman is having are on par with anything you've read in the Scriptures or heard about.

just yesterday morning while in our living room, during a time of prayer and waiting on the Lord she went into a vision/trance? (sometimes we just don't know) and was taken to heaven.  she went on to describe things that she has never read about before like the "sea of glass" mentioned in Revelation.  The first time we saw this was several years ago with a Moroccan Muslim man who would go into these types of visionary experiences and then I'd open up a Bible passage and he'd say, "yes, that exactly what I saw".

this woman also has had multiple visitations by either Jesus Himself or an angel (she wasn't sure) before she came to Christ.  she only realized this when she in frustration asked the Lord why He hadn't come to her earlier and led her out of the idolatry of Hinduism's false gods.  He then "reminded" her of the visitations and experiences.  God is so good.

these are truly special days in which we are living.  God is pouring out a level of grace that may be unprecedented from any other time in history.

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